Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Jonathon Woods

GCSE Grades:
 English Language-C
English Literature-C

Hobbies-Playing Bass guitar in a band,Boxing,Football,Rugby

Print Media that interests me...
I am very interested in sport magazines such as 'Boxing Monthly' as I box and like to keep up with the boxing world.I'm also intetested in music magazines such as 'Kerrang' as they provide tour dates and information about my favourite bands.I also read local nespapers such at 'The Evening News' as I like to know what's going on in my local area.

Radio Media that interests me...
I listen to Radio Norfolk every saturday afternoon for Norwich City Fc commentary.BBC Radio 1 is my favourite Radio channel as it provied a wide range of musical genres and good presenters such as Chris Moyles.

Muisc Industry
My favourite genre of music is indie because it tends too be very political and has significant meaning to me.My favourite bands are...Suede and Stiff little Fingers

I play in a band called 'The Crates' I am the bass player

I access my music on the interenet a lot,on sites such as 'youtube'

Illegal downloading
I beleive illegal downloading is wrong and people should just pay money for their favourite artists tracks.It's wrong because firstly,it's illegal,secondly it has ruined the music industry and gives talented young musicians a disadvantage as the 'popular' artisit's music will always be downloaded.Lastly the music industry loses money.

Video Games
My favourite video games are the FIFA football games as I love the sport.

Video games may have a negative inpact on attitudes to the solution of conflicts.Because these days parents are buying their children 15 and 18 year old certificate games that will influence a childs behaviour and they will act however they feel necessary when their actions are unacceptable.

New technology
New technology has increased my understanding of the world in many ways.Things such as I-phones have done this with the many informative apps which can be downloaded,For example you can download a BBC News app which you can acces anywhere anytime.

Technology now allows us too communicate in many different ways,such as social networking sites on the internet,E-mails,Mobile Phones and 'face time' which can be used on an I-Pad.

Accsessing films,television programmes and music has also become a lot easier due to technoligy.The internet has many sites such as 'BBC Iplayer' which allows you too watch your favourite programmes and sites such as youtube which allow you too listen to your favourite music and watch many films.

Technology has a enabled us too create our own media texts such as blogs that can be published for anyone too see.

My favourite TV channels are,Sky Sports News and VIVA.I love Sky Sports News as it is a 24 hr channel with live updates about the sporting world.VIVA is a brilliant channel as it shows many US comedy shows which I love and is also a music channel.

My favourite Television Genre is sit-coms as they have produced some of the most amazing characters off all time e.g Basil Fawlty of Fawlty Towers and Baldrick of Black Adder.

TV programmes I consider memorable-Fawlty Towers,Due too the amazing script and characters.
Worzel Gummidge,as it was aimed at children but somehow has the effect that made adults roar with laughter.And lastly,Little Britain as it created so many characters that I will always remember.

Feature films

My favourite genre of films are underdog storys such as, the Rocky saga and Walk The Line.I love them because they consume you and make you emotionally attached too the character.

Three films I consider outstanding-

.Rocky saga-the boxing scenes were well done and entertaining and the films introduced us too Sylvester Stallone.The films also had a cracking soundtrack, 'Gonna fly now' by Bill Conti  and 'The Eye Of the Tiger' by survivor.

.Walk The Line-Jaqouin Pheonix played Johnny cash amazingly and subsequently won an oscar,his perfromance alone makes the film unmissable.

.Fight Club-The story line is so dark and complicated that it consumes the viewer.The film also has A-list actors,Brad Pitt,Edward Nortan and Helena Bonham Carter.

I love going too the cinema too watch films as I beleive it's the best way.You can't beat it in terms of surround sound and picture qualtity.

My favourite cinema is the Odean in Norwich as the seats are comfortable and it's near resturants so after the film you can go for a meal if you wish.

I prefer too watch films at home on my own because i do it  to unwind after a long day.However i prefer too go too the cinema as a group as it's funner

There is nothing that has offended me in the media,but I can see why these days especially why it may offend people.There are so many things on Tv now such as Eastenders that have become out of hand.The storylines are unrealistic and over the top,and many young children watch it as it's on rather early.

One thing in the media that did offend me though was Russel Brand and Jonathan Ross's comments about Andrew Sachs daughter.They were offensive and uncalled for.

I chose media studies as i love the media and how amazing and corrupt it can be.

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  1. A lively response to our questionnaire, you could use Fight Club as one of your case studies for research into thriller films. What in EastEnders has become out of hand? I'm intrigued.