Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Possible Thriller case study

'Fight Club'

Directed by-David Fincher

Cast-Brad Pitt,Edward Norton,Helena Bonham Carter


Box Office-$100.9Million(worldwide)

'Fight Club' conforms to the thriller genre due too the realism yet dark twisted nature of the characters.The nameless character played by Norton suffers from insomnia .His doctor has refused to give him medication and advises he joins support groups too witness more severe suffering.He becomes addicted too these groups and therefore creates his own which is known as fight club.At these support groups he meets Marla Singer (Bonham Carter)who is a mysterious twisted woman,who has the fem fatale feel about her which also conforms too the thriller genre.Brad Pitt plays the part of Nortons alter ego Tyler Durden.Who is incredibly twisted and disturbing,due too his views on the life and people.

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