Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Kill Bill 1 opening scene analysis

Tarrantino's Kill Bill has an exceedingly well made opening scene.At the the beginning of the scene there is a soundbridge,these work incredibly well in films particulary thrillers,as they build up anticipation and suspense as it cuts too the next shot.Then we have the dieagetic sounds,the first one we hear is the brides heavy breathing.Which shows the audience the womens fear and distress towards Bill.The second dieagetic sound we hear is the footsteps of Bill.This creates anticipation as the footsteps become louder and louder as he approaches the bride.The establishing camera shot of the whole scene is the close up of the brides face.The camera shot only changes once in the whole scene , its a tracking shot of Bills feet as he approaches the bride.When the camera cuts back too the close up of the brides face.It establishes the realtionship between the two characters,and portrays the difference in power.The close up shot of the brides face is fantastic when connecting with audience,as it makes you sympathise with her.You can really see the pain and suffering she is enduring.Anohter reason why the close up shot is brilliant,is because we never get too see the face of Bill,therefore an enigma is created.This creates a fear of the unknown and portrays Bill as a mysterious figure.We then have the brilliant shot of Bills hankachief rubbing the brides face.We instantly notice 'Bill' is written on the hankachief,this shows the audience that Bill is an arrogant man with a sense of 'Cheap wealth' about him.At the end of the scene we have the climax of the gun shot , that conforms to the thriller genre.

The whole scene is filmed with a Noir lighting.This is done for many reasons.Firsly too pay tribute too the classic 1940's/50's thrillers.Secondly the whole scene is a flash back,and lastly it creates a sense of coldness and brutallity.

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  1. Well done Jonathan, you've made some useful observations, particularly with regard to the purpose of close ups which are to create intimacy and empathy. Your points also about Bill's face not being revealed and his vanity are encouraging. Spelling of camera, remember to do a spell check!