Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Image analysis from Thelma and Louise (Ridley Scott) 1991

Location:Filmed in a car park(conventional thriller setting),which gives the audience a sense of realism therefore making the scene more intence.Another thriller where the setting of a car park is exploited for a sense of realism,is the first fight scene in Fight Club directed by David Fincher.

Characters:The dominant woman (femme fatale) holding a gun up to the face of the less powerful man.This goes against the normal female stereotype and shows that she has the greatest power than anyone in the shot.This is very similar to Uma Thurman's character in Kill Bill 1 and 2.

Lighting:Non ambient,Which creates suspense and fear.If ambient lighting was used, the shot wouldn't look as sinister.

Camera Angle:A medium close up is used so the audience can see the divide in power.One side the deviant woman with power,the other, the helpless man.The audience can also establish facial expressions.

Another reason the medium close up is used is that it makes the audience feel they are almost in the shot,as it's very 'in your face' thereofre making it more intense to watch .Once again this type of shot is used in Fight Club with the gun in mouth shot.This also shows the divide in power and even looks more menacing as a low angle tilt shot is used.


  1. Well done for posting your analysis onto your blog. James you need to work very hard at your analysis and to develop your ideas. More focus in class and keeping to deadlines would help you develop visual literacy. a little more research into this film would strengthen.

  2. You make some effective inter textual references but you need to develop your analysis. Your comparison of Louise with The Bride in Kill Bill is a little simplistic!!! Try to think harder.

    You did well in your mock and this needs to be posted onto your blog without delay.

    Your research is very behind to strengthen you need to post your analysis of the clips from Jackie Brown and explain how Tarantino establishes character through camera shots and movement. This was due on your blogs on the 16th January!!