Wednesday, 2 November 2011

How are new technologies affecting the ways in which we consume films?
In recent years, the ways in which we consume films have changed dramatically due to the rapid introduction of new technology. The competition in the film market is constantly increasing so new ideas and concepts are being brought out all the time (HD, 3D…) to keep up with the demands. This new technology has had a positive effect in terms of captivating audiences and making money .Cinemas are now changing because of new technology. The amount of multiplex cinema screens in the last 10 have slowly risen due to the popularity of CG and 3D effects, obviously these effects can not be in every single film, therefore more screens are available to cater various audiences.  The steady increase of cinema screens has come from the massive demand to watch films on very large screens with new technologies e.g 3D. Although the number of cinemas has increased, more people are choosing to stay at home to watch films in the comfort of their own home, this could be due to people having less money to spend in the cinema due to the recession .Cinemas have tried to work around this and appeal too the general public by having more comfortable seats, big clear screen which allows the customers to experience the film in the best way possible getting the most for their money.
The internet is another factor that is affecting the way in which we consume films. Things such as online streaming and illegal downloads are easily accessible, therefore a lot of people may consider watching a film that is currently at the cinema in the comfort of their own home illegally for instead of going to their local cinema and paying. Result from the survey also shows when it comes to accessing media through internet is most common in the age group 16-24 year olds.
The age of the individual also changes the way in which we consume films, the older generation of people ages 55+ are sticking to their televisions still when it comes to watching films. Statistics also show that 21.7% of people are recording films onto their televisions and a big 27.8% of people are choosing to watch live television. It could be that the younger generation can be more knowledgeable when it comes to technology as that is what they have been brought up with it, and older people like to be more traditional as they have not had much experience with the use of the internet or computers.
New technology could also be affecting the rental DVD/VIDEO/BLU-RAY market. Since 2001 there has been a steady decline in rentals. In 2001 DVD rentals made 494 million pounds, whereas in 2010 they only made 183 million pounds. This could be due too people wanting to go too the cinema and see these films in 3D.The profitability of rentals peaked in 2004 and has never regained since.
Sites such as BBC I-Player and YouTube that provide videos on demand have also greatly influenced the way in which we consume films. According to a survey there is a steady positive trend in TV based VOD. Although online VOD is growing more rapidly. This is due to them being more accessible and higher quality computers. The total VOD market in 2001 made 44.1 million pounds and in 2010 it made 159.4 million pounds.
All in All new technology has completely changed the way in which we consume films. Cinemas have had too change, and it’s now the internet that has become one of the, if the most popular way in which we consume films. As it is easily accessible and doesn’t cost a penny. The only hindrance is,people may be watching films illegally

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