Monday, 30 January 2012

Heavenly creatures

Heavenly creatures is film based on a true story about two young girls Pauline and Juliet , who both plan to murder Pauline's mother as she is trying to end their valued relationship.Throughout the final scenes there are a lot of close up scenes of watches and a clock to emphasize the importance of time and the intricate deatil of their plan.The use of time is exploited the feeling of suspense with clocks and watches. This a generic thriller convention.The close up of the clock also corresponds to the police investigation where he asks suspects where the girls were at the time of the murder.This notifies the audience that the crime is going to take place .

When the three women walk down the rural pathway , the audience notice the mother is inbetween the two girls.This exploits the thriller convention of claustrophobia and makes the audience feel uneasy as they fear the worst for the mother.It also connotes she is in the middle and intercepting their plan for the future.The centre of their problems.


  1. Rather light Jonathan and reflecting some basic understanding of aspects of the purpose of specific shots, ojects and location.

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