Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Thriller locations

We chose an elevator to be a location of our thriller as they produce a feeling of confinement and vulnerability for the character.The confinement of an elevator is exploited in Fight Club directed by David Fincher.

This set of flats in Norwich is where we will be filming the thriller opening .We liked the idea of an ordinary urban setting to add a sense of realism . The flats aren't exactly glamorous which will add the brutallity of the chosen setting.This type of setting is seen in the film and series This is England.

The final loaction of our thriller shall be a corridor.This location will be useful at exploiting the thriller convention of a vanashing point . The corridor shall also be empty , which will create tension as the character shall be vulnerable to any unexpected occurances

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  1. We're getting somewhere, Jono. I'm pleased to see you justifying the location choices through reference to the effect and other films.