Monday, 3 October 2011

Movie Trailer Analysis

Tinker Tailer Soldier spy:Is a critically aclaimed thriller movie,that has been portrayed fantastically in this trailer.It makes you want too go out and watch the movie due too it's presentation of the A-list actors such as Colin Firth and the dark/mysterious nature of the movie that is incredably well presented in this trailer.This trailor also has a sort of 'Cliff Hanger' effect which leaves the viewer puzzeld.The quick exchange of clips in the trailer portrays this effect ,which also makes the film seem quite frantic and action packed.This also makes the viewer want too go out and see the film.

Walk The Line:The Film is a fantatic portrayal of the life of Johnny Cash,and how he overcame the horrendous and awful situations he faced in his life.The film does have a target audience but it still appeals too many people.The trailor is fantastic and very appealing as it has a fantastic choice of music that bulids suspence and anticipation,The stomping feet of the convicts does this aswell.The presentation of Alist actors is done very well too ,which gains interest from film fans not Johnny Cash Fans.That is a key factor which made the film such a phenominon.Jaquion Pheonix went on too win an oscar for his perfromance.The trailor also has bits of text in it such as 'But thats not what made him'-this entices the viewer and want too see whats coming next.

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  1. Well done for getting these posted Jonathan. Remember the list of elements that producers package into a film in order to try and gurantee returns and audience? Apart from A list actors, what other elements are these trailers advertising.

    Jonathan how is my New Technologies essay? Please get this to me this week. I have no set the second essay and I am concerned you will become bogged down in work undone.