Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Thriller costume ideas

Woman Character - Tiffany Wise

Contemporary high street fashion to add realism to the thriller and appeal to audience. Tiffany's naivety will also be exploited with this choice of outfit, as she is a victim in the thriller.

Skinny Jeans

This choice of jewellery is going to be extremely important in our thriller.It's going to be used as a signifier for Tiffany as she will be seen wearing it in the picture taken of her and ex boyfriend .She will also be wearing it when they confront each other at the end of our shoot.

Dark womens Jacket
The ccoice of a dark colour of clothing is to connote a sad solemn character, instead of happy and lively.

Vans trainers

Male character- Blake Haven

Also contemproary high street fashion.With leather jacket and vibrant shirt which is a representation of 'Jason' from Essex Boys.Like Jason of Essex Boys , Blakes attire is chosen to portray arrogance . Attire is used in this way also in Kill Bill. Bill also dresses to impress.

 Mens dark jeans

Rigger Boots
Leather Jacket

Vibrant T-shirt


  1. You evaluate your ideas quite well Jonathan, what do you mean by "attire is used in this way in Kill Bill" Could you be more precise and endeavour to develop your discussion.

  2. A lot more planning to be posted onto your Blog, check through your coursework booklet for support.