Sunday, 25 March 2012

Q5 How did you attract/address your audience ?

Attracting the audience of our thriller was somewhat dominated by the use of effects utilized whilst editing. Me and Lyndsey thought the diegetic  sound of the dragging dead body; to be continuously drowned through out the opening would create a poignant effect as well as a menacing one.We also exploited this effect with the use of a ringing phone, as this may  create a pitiful  reaction from the audience , as they know the girl (Tiffany) will never be able to answer the call.

Our production also has an element of heart break and connotes the fear of losing someone you love. Through out the production, Peter , played by Robin , is desperately concerned about the where a bouts of his loved one. However what makes the opening more appealing is the idea of Robin and the murderer being the same person. This is due to the quick cuts and fades between the two characters. This idea of schizophrenia and isolation was inspired by the film Fight Club. As the main character is controlled by an alter-ego , who he can physically see.

The idea of the zeitgeist in Great Britain may also have attracted our target audience. The social issues raised in our production is the negative portrayal of a social group known as 'hoodies'. These 'hoodies' all ready have a bad reputation in modern Britain. Highlighted  due to  the part they played in the summers London riot. 

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