Thursday, 22 March 2012

Question 3- What kind of media institution would distribute your media product and why ?

Since our media product was low budget and individually made, a less mainstream cinema institutuin such as Cinema City would be interested in showing our thriller. Cinema City are interested in attracting alternative audiences and reaching out to as many different people from different backgrounds as much as possible. They appear to not be interested in showing big budget 'Hollywood Block-busters' which consist of special effects such as CGI, due to the fact that these effects are what are relied on to make the films 'appealing' not the acting and plots. However we as a group were inspired by the plot of  big budget film Fight Club and the idea of two people being one and we incorporated this into our production.

In terms of a production company that would be interested in distributing our film the most likely institution would have to bw WARP film. They are souly interested in promoting young acting talent and creating somewhat controversial plots to highligh the the current decline of morlaity in Great Britain, which is the arogorical message behind our production . Highlighted by the character choice of the protagonist.'Hoodies' are seen as having no conscience and no regard for feelings of others , This was seen in the summer London riots where the media refered to these yobs as 'hoodies'.

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  1. Good as far as it goes but you've not referenced internet outlets such as youtube etc. Borderline Level 2-3