Friday, 23 March 2012

Question 4 Who would be the audience for your media product ?

Our chosen target audience for our production is 16-24 year olds male and female.This due to casting young actors that the audience can relate to. This certainly works effectively in the Australian film 'Animal Kingdom' . The character Josh Cody is young man having to live with his criminal cousins and his emotions and angst are really felt by the audience due to his young age.

Our thriller reflects in my opinion the current zeitgeist in Britain , and this also will have an appeal/effect on a younger audience (16-24 year olds)  who feel they may be effected by isolation and troubled individuals , which is the portrayal in our production.

Our production would appeal to young males and females interested in independent low budget films that would be shown at institutions such as 'Cinema City'. This is due to the young unknown actors and the reflection of the zeitgeist , these elements are not often seen in American mainstream 'Block-busters' 

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  1. One small point James, all films reflect the historical and social context of the period they were filmed in to include blockbusters!!! I would suggest if you want to raise this response above level 2 you explain why your target audience would identify with the age, gender and ethnicity of your characters.