Friday, 23 March 2012

Question 7-Looking back at your preliminary task ,what do you feel you have learnt in the progression to the full product

Since the preliminary task i have learnt a great deal,especially about editing software. I did not use any effects on my preliminary task , unlike my final cut 'Red Snow' which used a lot. I've also learnt that planning our thriller was a lot harder than I anticipated .Us as a group had many ideas,we eventually went on to shoot and complete a production, however it was not strong enough to gain a satisfactory grade. Therefore I learnt that a lot of planning and preparation  is vital.

Incorporating inter textual references from other films into our final production was very inspiring and there is an opportunity to exploit your own refreshing twist to classic iconic shots from legendary films , such as the worms eye view of Diniro in Once Upon a Time in America . We were inspired by this shot and incorporated into our production.

Continuity errors was a major let down in the preliminary task (change of attire), therefore I done my best not to let this happen in the final production and thankfully ,pulled it off. 

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  1. Not really of a standard expected - Level 1 reflecting minimal understanding because there is too little information regarding your learning journey from September to now!!! You have a day to try to improve your overall input into your evaluation as advised.